Arctic Knights - Carrion Crown

The First Taste of Harrowstone

Good friends and bad ones!

The next morning, was sunny and bright for the first time since their arrival.

Not so much as a bad dream troubled the companions sleep, in fact they slept almost a little too well. Coupled with the bright morning, this land has never been so accommodating and it made everyone a little nervous.

Legality be-damned the group finally decided to explore Harrowstone mostly at Aria’s insistence.

They stopped briefly at the Temple of Pharasma to purchase some holy water. Upon arrival they noticed Father Grimburrow and an acolyte discussing something. The acolyte was holding a melted holy symbol of some sort and he slipped it into his pocket. Father Grimburrow seemed in a bad mood that morning, even making disparaging remarks about Aria’s god and questioning the validity of her faith.

After purchasing a vial of holy water, the companions snuck out of town, headed for Harrowstone Prison.

Upon arrival, the companions headed straight for the front doors, creeping in with Aria in the lead. Passing through the partially-collapsed entryway and into the front foyer room and the doors suddenly slammed-shut trapping the cleric alone in the entry foyer As tormenting spirits whispered in the dark, Aria tried everything to escape.

Tyrina, Jamal and Zain also pounded on the doors but they would not budge. After a few frantic moments Aria came up with the idea to call upon a prayer of Hide From Undead. Soon after the spirits left, allowing her to escape.

During the harrowing experience Jamal decided to give up and head back to Kendra’s house abandoning the others in their attempts to free Aria. Tyrina also nearly gave up hope and only Zain’s urging caused her to stay.

Once the spirits released Aria from her prison, the companions gathered back at Kendra’s, vowing to not set put in the place again until they have learned more.



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