Arctic Knights - Carrion Crown

Carrion Crown - Campaign Introduction

Putting The Professor To Rest...

Each of you recieved a letter addressed from Kendra Lorrimor notifying you of the recent passing of Professor Petros Lorrimor and requesting your attendance at his funeral services in the town of Ravengro.

After a dismal journey along the fog choked highways of county of Canterwall, each of you arrived at Ravengro and met the late Professor’s daughter Kendra and a small funeral procession at the gates to the Restlands, Ravengro’s cementary.

After a brief introduction to Councillor Vashian Hearthmount,

During the funeral march you were met with resistance from a group of angry local farmers with claims that Prof. Lorrimor was a necromancer. After a vicious series of blows traded, Aria buried her morning star in the forhead of one of the angry farmers. So vicious was the blow that the man’s eye was pushed from its socket and caused the townspeople to re-think the attack and retreat.

After Jamal almost derailed the funeral with a hilariously inappropriate speech that also accused the Prof. of necromancy, the group headed for Kendra’s manor for the reading of the the Professors last will and testament.

After bequeathing the mansion and all of his wealth to Kendra in his will, the late Professor left a chest full of dangerous-sounding books and a mission to deliver them to Lepidstadt in a months time.



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